NYC Jury Rights Ads are Up!

Jury Rights Project jurors judge the law and the facts

We promised a jury rights campaign in New York city this year. You delivered with $4,036.17 in net donations so far, 99 percent of which was raised in just the first 48 hours after we launched on December 22, thanks mainly to redditors, bitcoiners and libertarians. Now, Jim Babb and I are delivering with the phone kiosk ads. Here they are.

Jury Rights Activists Campaign to End Victimless Crimes Prosecutions in New York City in 2015

Jury Rights Project jurors judge the law and the facts

Jury rights activists from New York City and surrounding areas are converging on Manhattan this January with the goal of ending the prosecution of victimless crimes in the city. The campaign consists of phone kiosk advertising and jury nullification pamphleting in the area around the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street in the Civic Center area of Lower Manhattan. An online educational effort at the website complements the main campaign.

Fall 2013 Jury Nullification Campaign

Activists launch nationwide ad campaign promoting Jury Nullification Contact: James Babb, Project Facilitator 610-574-1222 [email protected] Juror rights activists have started a nationwide campaign to educate the public about our rights if selected for jury duty. “If you are selected for jury duty, the normal instinct is to find a way out of it. That is […]

Do you Know the Purpose of Juries?

When most of us think of jury duty, we think about how to get out of it as quickly and painlessly as possible. But in our rush we often forget that the jury box, like the ballot and ammunition boxes, exists as a way for individuals to protect each other from government oppression and tyranny. […]